Frequently Asked Questions

How much does My Canarian Guide cost?
It is currently a FREE service offered to both residents and holidaymakers on the island of Tenerife.

How much is it to advertise on My Canarian Guide?
It is free to register your business on our App. You can do it through the partners website here.

What is My Canarian Guide?
My Canarian Guide is a free App for both Apple and Android that gives you free access to offers and discounts on almost any business on the island, including restaurants, excursions and if you are a resident - trademan services, plus lots more.

What makes My Canarian Guide different from other voucher App's?
My Canarian Guide has over 1000 locations and businesses registered so is one of the most comprehensive directories on the island of Tenerife. My Canarian Guide also offers more than just vouchers. Real time weather updates, a guide to Tenerife entertainment and acts, a what's on guide, access to excursions and much much more, all free of charge!

Do you have adverts on the App?
No, our App is 100% ad-free.

I don't own an Android or an Apple phone, can I still use the App?
We have a solution that you can access via your computer or smart phone that isn't Apple or Android, however please contact us to access this.

A question that's not here?
Our dedicated support team are here to answer any further questions you may have. Contact them here.